Our Own Small Garden - Our Key to Real Togetherness !


Nobody teaches or lives as an example for togetherness like “the Nature”. A plant/tree is perfect example as it needs to bring together the earth, water, sunlight, worms, bees while it grows.We all know about this but I would like to share an event that made my little princess to learn that the plants do not just exist, they live and teach us too.

One day at her KG class, teacher was teaching about the germination process and the importance of water, sunlight, dirt for the plant growth. At the end of the class the teacher gave black bean seeds to all the students and asked them to grow it at home.

That evening my daughter asked me to plant it in our little backyard. To be true that will be the first time we are planting something in our backyard.

Planting the seed

My daughter was so eager to plant the seed that evening so she could not even wait for her father to come back home from office, she called him and asked to buy planting tools and asked him to come home early that evening. I was very happy to see her all excited.

That evening, my husband came home early with tools as our daughter asked. After a long time we all had a good evening time together with tea and rusk, then my husband cleared some place in the corner of our backward for the new plant.

We all together went and my husband dug a little place for the plant and while digging, my daughter asked many questions why is the earth wet ? how are the worms living under the ground? will the seed die ? and many many more. She also gave lot of information that she learned in the school like plants need water and sunlight to grow and it drinks water with roots. Her father was all happy to spend time with our daughter and I was very proud to hear my little princess talk. My husband shared his childhood memories when his father used to take him to fields to shown how the crops (rice) are grown. It was a memorable time we spent together.

Watching it Grow !!

After we planted the seed, we totally forgot except our daughter, she goes and checks the seed daily before going to school and ask us when the plant will grow. we thought it was not going to happen but told her that it will take some time and it is good to feed the plant daily. One morning, my daughter was shouting with excitement and she literally dragged me and my husband to the backyard and said 'Ta Da'. Our seed sprouted!!! Seeing the small sprout gave me a special feeling that I have not felt for a long time and later I heard from my husband that he also had experienced the same feeling - "feeling of life ". Then we realized that the nature is conveying us that love, caring and being together is the basis of living.

why not a Small Garden?

That weekend, I asked my husband to take us to a nearby nursery to buy some flowering plants, vegetable seeds so that we could have a garden in our backyard. My daughter and my husband were so much excited and we went for shopping immediately. After shopping, we went home happily and planted all that we had brought that evening without realizing that we have not watched any TV or checked face book page or browsed any website. It was a whole day activity and at the end of the day we felt too tired, so had a dinner together near our backyard watching the plants and the star filled sky. It was very much relaxing.

Togetherness is the Fruit :)

From that day, every evening myself, my daughter and husband spend some time checking the plants and pruning it and then have our dinner at our backyard. Soon all the plants started to flower and all the seed started sprouting , without our knowledge our family as really came together and were spending some quality time and also teaching our daughter about staying together.

No wonder why we call it ‘Mother Nature’!!!!

Discover the joy of real togetherness with Kissan !!!
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Naturally Colored Sprinkles

Picture of Naturally Colored Sprinkles
Final Image 21.jpg 
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Picture of Glitter Painted T-Shirts
Final Star.jpg
Final Dimond.jpg
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